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Exhibitions 2015

Exhibitions 2015

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Reisemobile, Wohnwagen & Vans in Weissenbach


Reisemobile, Wohnwagen & Vans in Hagenbrunn


Reisemobile, Wohnwagen & Vans in Timelkam

"Your holiday with Gebetsroither will be a wonderful experience for all senses"

About us

Gebetsroither Europazentrale

Holidays on beautiful beaches among impressive nature. Stay in one of our wonderful mobilehomes or caravans. We offer more than 1700 tavern accommodations on more than 80 campsites. You will find our accommodations in

Croatia, Italy, Austria, Spain, France, Montenegro, Hungary, Germany, Slovenia.

Our sale & hire range includes the latest models from ADRIA, KNAUS & SUN LIVING plus showcase mobile homes that meet the most discerning of requirements as well as second-hand, yet perfectly maintained vehicles.