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Camping in Italy

Experience and explore Italy! The unique landscape backdrop offers such a wide range of holiday opportunities that everyone can shape their holiday to suit their own personal tastes here.

The 8000 km long coast offers extensive beaches and romantic bays, perfect for sun-worshippers and water sports fans. The magnificent natural landscapes are ideal for sporting activities and the Italian foods and wines pamper any palate. Fine arts enthusiasts will also appreciate the chance to admire some world-famous masterpieces.

Italy and family

Italy offers families everything they need for a perfect holiday: flat beaches, leisure parks and the popular Italian cuisine – there is plenty for children to enjoy here.

Italy and active holidaymakers

Visitors can enjoy virtually unlimited water sports at the numerous beaches. Golf is also very popular in many places given the longer season and fantastic option of combining culture and bathing, for example in Tuscany. The impressive mountains appeal to sports climbers, Alpinists and hill walkers (from the Alps to Etna and Sardinia) as a place to climb and explore. Cycling also has a long-standing tradition here both in the north and south of the country – the fascinating scenes from the GIRO D’ITALIA prove this!

Italy and culture

Life in Italy proceeds at a leisurely pace, and relaxation is a very important factor; you can make up for the hours of sunshine that you missed in the cool winter months on the numerous sandy beaches of the Adriatic coast, on the Tyrrhenian Sea or on the Ionian Sea, or just take the time to unwind with a delicious Cappuccino at a pavement café.

Italy leads the world with its 41 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You can savour European cultural history here whether by paying a visit to one of the many museums housing priceless works of art or one of the archaeological excavation sites such as the Forum Romanum in Rome. Modern art is also featured in some remarkable exhibitions and at one of the most famous biennales in Venice.


Italy’s people have one of the highest anticipated life-expectancies of the world. The Italian cuisine, i.e. the Mediterranean food, is frequently alleged to be the reason. The local cuisine is part of the country’s most important cultural heritage. Eating is a national passion, and this passion expresses just how much the Italians love and enjoy the good life. An abundance of a wide variety of fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices flourish and prosper in Italy. Together with the vast choice of meat and fish, they form the basis of the famous Italian

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Camping at Sardinia

Sardinia from its most enchanting side – picturesque rock bays with beautiful sandy beaches, wonderfully crystalline water and an evergreen macchia forest.
NEW: We offer you ferries towards and from Sardinia