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Apulia (Ital. Púglia) forms the spur and the heel of the Italian boot. Its signifi cant capital is Bari.

History and Culture

An area of 19,363 km2 is inhabited by 4.1 million people. Apulia has many sights to offer. The age-old cultural region has been inhabited and ruled by the mysterious Dauni, the Peucetii, the Messapians, on through to the Greeks, the Romans and the Byzantines. If you want to visit the capital of the Magna Grecia, you should visit the city of Tarent. The most noticeable historical monuments in Apulia are mainly from the times of the Emperor Frederick II, the Castel del Monte being particularly impressive. But above all else, Apulia is a Romanesque land. In all the coastal cities, but also in the back-country, important Romanesque buildings are to be found.

Land and People

Colourful, cheerful, vocal – these are the characteristics of life on the Tyrrhenian coast of Campania, as well as the Apulian Adriatic Sea. The elongated region – Puglia in Italian – stretches from the spur of the boot that extends 70 kilometres into the ocean all the way to the tip of the heel. Even though Apulia has suffered bitter economic times, its people love their land and are proud of their down-to-earth, rural tradition.

Food and Drink

Simple, rustic, and easygoing are also characteristic of Apulian cuisine, but a clear difference between the North and the South is clearly to be tasted. In the north of Apulia, the preference is lots of garlic while the “central” Apulians like both garlic and onions, and the Southerners have a distinct preference for onions. Almonds, olives, cereals, tomatoes and wine thrive in the fertile coastal plains. Apulia is an important winegrowing region, which specializes in rich red wines. Important grape varieties are the Primitivo, Negroamaro and Sangiovese. On a cultivation area of 107,571 hectares there is a total production of 7,580,000 hectoliters.

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