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Calabria is famous for its crystalline sea with exceptional beaches, hidden bays and guaranteed sunshine.

But this region has a whole lot more to offer. The fascinating mixture of history and modernity, of lively bathing bays and lonely mountain regions, the national parks, the charm of Calabria’s inhabitants with their kindness and unconditional hospitality, and the antique traditions with the craftwork handed down over generations… Get your very own personal impression of this varied region full of extremes.


Calabria is divided into 5 provinces, has an area of 15,080 km2 and 2 million inhabitants. Calabria is the southernmost region of Italy that lies on the mainland. In visual terms, it covers the tip of the boot of the Italian peninsula. The region’s capital is Catanzaro. Calabria borders Basilicata to the north, the Tyrrhenian Sea to the west, and the Ionian Sea to the east. The Strait of Messina separates Calabria from the island of Sicily. In the fertile plains near the coasts and in the river valleys, citrus fruits and a rich variety of other fruit and vegetables thrive. Wine growing also plays an important role here.


Near the Ionian Sea, the climate is hot and dry with little rainfall. The average temperatures lie, depending on the region, between 7° C and 15° C in January, and between 26° C and 34° C in the months of July and August. In the summer, the temperature always lies above 30 °C and often reaches the 40 °C mark. Calabria has 320 days of sunshine per year and is thus amongst the sunniest regions in Europe. Nature, art, culture, craftwork, culinary delights. Anyone who gets to know Calabria falls for the magic of this unique peninsula and will return time and again.

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Camping Onda Azzurra

Cantinella di Calábro
Camping Onda Azzurra

Situated in natural surroundings in a fragrant pine tree forest, this 6 hectare campsite has a friendly atmosphere. It lies on the wonderful coast of the Ionian Sea in the middle of the natural amphitheatre of the Sibaritide region.