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Landscapes unsurpassed in their breathtaking beauty are of timeless value with their archaeological treasures.

The fascinating panorama of the Amalfi Coast, the fascination of antique, once-buried cities such as Pompeii or Ercolano, the thrilling colours and scents of nature and Mediterranean delicacies. Campania is a feast for the senses! Campania has an area of approx. 13,595 km2 and 5.8 million inhabitants. The capital of this region is Naples. The area surrounding the Vesuvius is ideal for wine growing due to its fertile volcanic soil. The Romans, too, made use of the area as a summer retreat. The multitude of changing rulers in the history of the region makes the region rich in cultural sights.

Nature and Landscape

Between the small towns Positano and Vietri, the coastal road that is probably Italy’s most spectacular is to be found: the 40 kilometerlong Amalfi tana. The view and the white-washed houses that have an air of being “glued” into the landscape are true postcard images. Besides the level coastal landscape, Campania also offers an interesting interior landscape with a few mountain ranges as well as three islands in the Gulf of Naples: Procida, Ischia and Capri. Some of the interesting sights are the active volcano Vesuvius, as well as numerous mountain grottos.

Fine dining

The Campanian cuisine is characterized especially by its use of very simple ingredients for the creation of delicious and aromatic dishes. The culinary tradition is alive in the many stews and tasty pastavegetable combinations. Furthermore, pizza is always on the menu in Naples, the pizza’s city of birth. Climate The winds from the mountains make for an agreeable climate in this southern climactic region, even in the summer months of July and August. The bathing season starts in late April and continues all the way into early November.

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