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Nudist bathing rules for beginners

Nudist bathing rules

We won’t leave you out in the cold. Here are the most important tips to take into account during your first nudist beach holiday.


Nudist bathing is not permitted everywhere! First you need to find a beach where nudist bathing is specifically permitted.

After all, being naked in public can be a serious offence. In order to avoid a fine, the following rules must be observed.

Photos and films are prohibited

No photos may be taken or films recorded on the nudist beaches. Mobile phones should be switched off to avoid any misunderstandings.

If you want to take a holiday snap, please do not do this on a nudist beach. Naked means naked!

Nudist beaches are clothing-free areas.

Although there is no official law, visitors are expected to remove all clothing.

Exceptions include families with pubescent children. They are not required to undress if their parents adhere to the nudist regulations.  

Respect others’ privacy

Everyone has their own personal tolerance level when it comes to privacy. This should be respected in the nudist areas in particular.

It is better to keep a greater distance from others in these areas. If the beach is already busy when you arrive, it is best not to line the towels up in rows but rather to offset from one another.

No eroticism in nudist areas

Naturism enthusiasts enjoy the feeling of freedom but this has nothing to do with eroticism. There is no place for sexuality on the nudist beaches.

Couples in particular should not be intimate with one another. This may disturb other visitors to the nudist area.

Respectful interaction

Everyone should feel comfortable on the nudist beaches, just as God created them. A few pounds too many, body hair or other beauty issues are not relevant here.

This attitude should be respected. Unpleasant comments and staring are not permitted.  

Don’t forget your towel

Fancy a cool drink at the cocktail bar? Don’t forget your towel! Sitting on a bar stool naked is both uncomfortable and unhygienic.

Instead wrap a towel around you before sitting down to enjoy a cool refreshment.