Camping holidays in Austria

Crystal-clear lakes with drinking water quality, gentle vineyards, a diverse landscape with mountains, valleys, plains and hills, people who cultivate their traditions and culture. This is Austria, one of the most beautiful and endearing holiday destinations in Europe.

Campsites in Austria



Whether you come from the north, the south, the east or the west, the beautiful Austrian countryside will impress you forever. In the west an awesome range of mountains awaits you, offering numerous leisure activities for any type of weather. Every generation – whether young or old – can fi nd a suitable activity. Skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, climbing, walking, or how about a change and go on a shopping-spree in the sprawling alpine metropolis, or a long walk fi nishing off with a relaxing hay-bath. You can discover the Austrian vastness at the best in the east. The fl at and the hilly countryside interchange and it becomes clear to the visitor that although Austria is a comparatively small country, it is a very attractive place to spend a holiday. The Austrian countryside has inspired many famous painters and poets. The picturesque regions are showing proudly their past and allow the visitors to have a part of it.

Like the country itself, the Austrian people are multi-faceted and open to anything new. They welcome their guests with open arms and look forward to seeing old and new faces every year.

Vienna has an enthralling and nostalgic imperial fl air and highly creative cultural scene, which keeps up with the current trends while at the same time taking exemplary care of its precious heritages and endearing customs and traditions. The combination of all these things make Vienna an attractive tourist destination. It’s not only the many buildings that date back to its imperial era that make Vienna a city full of beauty and art: museums, collections and works of art of international standing can be seen there. In the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna you can admire the world’s largest collection of Bruegel paintings. In the Austrian Galerie Belvedere and in the Leopold Museum in the new museum district, you can admire the many works of Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele.

The eight other provinces are Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Burgenland, Styria, Carinthia, Salzburg, the Austrian Tyrol and Vorarlberg. Each of the eght districts offer a different and unique cultural and culinary vision of Austria.

Austria’s camp-sites are of a remarkable standard. This can be put down to their favourable locations and the generally high standard in the tourist sector. In recent years, many camp-sites have been specialising in innovations such as wellness tourism or various trend sports.