Carefree Holidays

Carefree Holidays

Travel Cancellation insurance powered by Gebetsroither

Unfortunately, unexpected things happen all too often. If you are unable to take your holiday as planned, our cancellation packages can help you get back the payments already made to us. By choosing one of our packages (Standard, Premium, Corona Upgrade), you are on the safe side - whatever happens!

STANDARD-Package: € 50,-PREMIUM-Package: € 107,50CORONA-Upgrade: € 37,50
Illness of a fellow travellerAll risks covered by the STANDARD packagePlease note that this package may only be purchased in combination with a Standard or Premium package
Pregnancy complicationsIllness or death of a dog, cat, horseSelf-isolation as a result of an official order based on a legal requirement
Unexpected worsening of a fellow traveller's existing conditionLoss of job as a result of dismissal by the employerSelf-isolation as a result of an official order issued by authorised third parties (e.g. emergency doctor, hospital) based on a legal requirement
Death of a fellow travellerFailure to pass school-leaving examRaised temperature on day of arrival/departure: refusal of transport or entry to the rented accommodation
Breakage of prostheses, loosening of implanted jointsVocational training examination or being held back in school / postponement or shortening of school holidays
Significant damage to your property or place of residence due to force majeure (e.g. vehicle accident, flood, storm, hail, snow)Being placed on furlough
Travel warning level 6 (red)Unexpected court summons
Reimbursement of rebooking costs due to an insured event
Reinstatement after unemployment
Travel warning level 5 (orange)

Even if you are already at your holiday destination and have to interrupt your stay for any of the above reasons, you will be reimbursed for the days not yet consumed. In such a case, please ask for written confirmation on site.

Quick and unbureaucratic
We will then transfer the rental amount minus a processing fee of Eur 37.00 (STANDARD package only) into the account specified by you. If you do not wish to take advantage of this offer, the cancellation rates according to our General Terms and Conditions apply. The offer cannot be booked for group bookings or for cooperation campsites. The service is provided by Gebetsroither International GmbH, Gebetsroitherweg 1, A-8940 Weißenbach/Liezen.

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