Naturist camping

Naturist camping

Nudist rules

Nudist holiday for beginners

Nudism is not allowed everywhere! Find a beach where nudism is expressly desired before bathing in the nude. Being naked in public is a serious offence. If you don't want to risk a fine, you should definitely stick to it!

Absolute photo and video prohibition applies to nudist beaches. Mobile phones should be switched off to avoid misunderstandings. Who wants to make a vacation impression for at home, should not hold these in the textile-free beach section with the camera.

Absolute textile freedom prevails on nude beaches. Although there is no official law, visitors are expected to take off their clothes. There are exceptions for families with pubescent children. They do not have to undress if their parents follow the nude law.

Every person has his or her personal tolerance limit when it comes to privacy. This should be respected especially with nudism.

Here applies: It is better to keep a little more distance to the neighbour. If the beach is already well visited on arrival, it is best to spread the towel a little offset.

Naturists enjoy the feeling of freedom, but please not in relation to eroticism. Sexuality has no place on the nudist beach! Especially couples should not be too intimate with each other. This could disturb other visitors of the nudist area.

At the nudist beach everyone should feel as comfortable as God created him. Bacon padding, excessive hairiness or other blemishes are not relevant here.

This attitude should be respected. Stupid remarks are to be omitted and disturbing, gawking looks are to be avoided.

Fancy a cooling drink in the cocktail bar? Don't forget your towel! Sitting bare-backed on bar stools is both uncomfortable and very unhygienic.

Simply wrap a towel around it and nothing stands in the way of internal cooling.