5 actions with which you can save on your holiday

Bargain hunters watch out. This page is dedicated to many discounts and advantages at Gebetsroither. With these actions you save with the vacation and not with your recovery.

More days of holiday, less payment:

4 = 3, 7 = 6, 14 = 12, 14= 11, 21 = 17: Unfortunately, we have not yet found a suitable heading for this promotion. But with a saving of 15%, 20% or even 30% great headlines are secondary. You pay 4 days holidays but only 3 days, you pay 7 days holidays but only 6 days and so on.

1 free holiday day for you:

You inspire a girlfriend, a friend of Gebetsroither, but you get a free holiday day from us. This free day will be redeemed on your next holiday, if your friend has really booked with us.

Tuscany - impossible not to love her:

Enjoy 21 days and pay only 17 days. You can spend your holidays on up to 8 campsites.

Ready for the island:

Sardinia is an island in the Mediterranean where you can best spend your holidays in spring or autumn. Enjoy 14 days and pay only 11 days or you enjoy 21 days and pay 17.

Should I Stay or Should I Go:

Stop & Go: You are on holiday in Montenegro, the in-destination on the Adriatic Sea. The way there is long and until you arrive at Camping Zlokovic or Camping Safari Beach you have the possibility to relax at two campsites along the way. We offer you a 50% discount on one overnight stay when you arrive at Camping Soline or Camping Bella Austria. We will give you the cleaning fee when you return home.

Prerequisite: Please note that this offer is only valid for a minimum stay of 7 days at one of the two campsites in Montenegro in our rental properties. The Stop & Go offer can only be valid for a maximum of 1 night during the outward and return journey.

max. 1 night on the return journey. The offer is only valid according to availability at the campsites Soline or Bella Austria.

Stay an Go: Do you want to extend your holiday, add a few days before or after? At Camping Bella Austria (Austria) and at Camping Stork (Italy) this is possible for up to 4 days. You will save 50% per night and a cleaning fee will be added.

Prerequisite: You have booked a holiday of at least 7 days at the campsite in a Gebetsroither accommodation. The discount is valid for a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 nights in a mobile home or caravan. This Stay & Go offer is only valid in conjunction with the main holiday for direct arrival or return and can only be used once.