Terms and conditions

The following general terms and conditions apply to legal transactions (rental agreements) or travel agencies which are concluded between the tenant(s)/customer(s) and Gebetsroither International GmbH, or Gebetsroither Istra D.O.O., or Gebetsroither Italy S.R.L., or Gebetsroither Hungary K.F.T. or Gebetsroither Montenegro D.O.O., in each case as lessor or travel agent. Deviating unilateral regulations of the hirer, in particular his own general terms and conditions, do not have legal effect.

RENTAL AGREEMENT: The rental property includes either a caravan with awning, a mobile home, a camping barrel or a glamping tent with the respective inventory. The rental object can only be used by those persons who are registered in the rental agreement. It is the responsibility of the hirer to check that all information is in accordance with the booked trip after receiving the travel documents. In case of doubt, contact the booking center. A specific agreement between the lessor and the lessee regarding the concretisation of a rental object in the course of the booking is possible, depending on the availability of the rental object. The lessor reserves the right in this respect, to provide a replacement rental property of the same size, at the agreed rental rate and time without giving reasons. In this case, the lessee shall not be entitled to any compensation claims whatsoever against the lessor. A rental object can be booked bindingly by the tenant with the landlord electronically, in writing, by telephone or online. With the binding booking of a rental object by the tenant through the landlord, a valid offer on the part of the tenant comes about. The lessee is obliged to provide all information provided completely and truthfully. The conclusion of the contract becomes valid, when the booking confirmation (declaration of acceptance) is transmitted by the lessor to the lessee in writing or electronically.

RENTAL PRICE: The rental price does not include the visitor‘s tax and any registration fees and other fees (e.g. dogs) of the campsite, as these may vary per campsite. (Excluded: In online catalogue recorded differently!).

PETS: Are only allowed on the designated campsites. The respective entry regulations for the booked travel destination apply. The campsite fees for pets are due on camping ground to be paid separately. The cleaning fee per pet is an additional € 20,-. Pets must be indicated on the rental agreement. Pets are not allowed in the sleeping beds. You have to bring your own blanket, food bowl etc. A maximum of 3 pets are allowed in the rental property.

BOOKING TENANT: The minimum age for tenants is fixed at 18 years. The tenant must be present on site during the entire rental period. The lessee shall be liable for the correctness of the information given in the lease agreement. The sole presence of persons under the age of 18 is not permitted and may result in the expulsion of this person. Parents are liable for their children.

REBOOKING: A rebooking is deemed to have been made when the contract is changed by the tenant with regard to the campsite, rental period, change of date, type of accommodation, seasonal periods. Each change of booking will be charged with € 15,-. Any financial disadvantages incurred by the lessor as a result of the rebooking are subject to the cancellation conditions in accordance with item CANCELLATION. A rebooking can only be made within the current season. A rebooking to the following year is not possible.

EARLY PAYMENT BONUS: Pay for your 2023 holiday booking in full by 31.01.2023 and get an extra 5% early payment discount. Only valid for bookings made after 01.03.2023 (except for the in-house cancellation package).

TAKEOVER OF THE RENTAL OBJECTS: The rental object can be occupied from 16.00 local time (Exception: see voucher). The lessee is obliged to handle the rented object properly and carefully. When leaving the rental property, it shall be insured against storms (close windows, car door and awning). The awning fastenings such as pegs, cords etc. are also to be checked for storm safety.

RETURN OF THE RENTAL OBJECTS: The rental object must be vacated by 10.00 am local time (morning) (Exception: see voucher). Empty water canisters and waste water buckets if necessary; wash dishes and put them away again; empty the dishwasher, empty the refrigerator, dispose of rubbish; empty and clean chemical toilets, lock the rented property, place the table, chairs and parasols as you found them when you moved into the rented property; close the awning; return the key.

EARLY ARRIVAL OR LATE DEPARTURE: Exceeding these times will result in an additional overnight charge. Furthermore, the lessee shall indemnify and hold the lessor harmless for any claims for damages by the subsequent lessees.

HOUSE RULES OF THE CAMPSITE: The tenant is contractually bound to the respective house rules of the campsite. Violation of the house rules may result in expulsion. No claims can be made against the landlord. The landlord is not liable for matters concerning the campsite that are beyond the landlord‘s control. Furthermore, no legal claim on the pitch such as location, size of the pitch, condition etc. can be made against the landlord. Due to seasonal and infrastructural reasons there may be fluctuations in the water and electricity network. WLAN and TV reception cannot be guaranteed. The rental contract usually includes a parking space for one car (no camping vehicles). The parking space is not necessarily next to the rental property. In this case the car parking space will be allocated by the campsite. It is not allowed to put up additional tents of any kind. The tenant agrees that the instructions of the campsite staff - in case of an impending eviction - must be followed.

AWNINGS: It is not allowed to remove parts of the tent and the storm protections.

INSURANCE: The landlord takes out a partial coverage insurance for the rental object. The renter is liable for damages caused by himself in the amount of the deductible (up to € 360,-).The lessor cannot be held liable for personal belongings of the renter as well as cars, bicycles etc. (e.g. in case of theft or damage by natural forces).

ACCIDENT: In case of accidents of any kind the lessor must be informed immediately. The names of witnesses must be established. The lessee is not entitled to anticipate the resolution of the lessor and the insurance company by accepting the claim of the injured party. The landlord is not liable for the recovery of the tenants.

SUBLETTING: A subletting of the rental object to third parties is prohibited.

RESCISSION OF THE LESSOR: If the rental object is not available without the landlord‘s fault, for whatever reason (average, storm damage, fault of the previous tenant, etc.), the landlord is entitled to provide a replacement rental object of the same size at the agreed rent and time or to rescind the concluded rental contract. In this case, all advance payments and deposits would be refunded by the lessor. However, the tenant may not make any claims for damages against the landlord. If the rental agreement is no longer possible for the lessor due to political and legal changes in the respective rental country or due to breach of contract by the respective partner of the lessor, the lessor cannot be held liable for this.

TRAVEL INTERRUPTION: Please contact the local representative of the landlord immediately. Only valid if you have taken out an in-house cancellation package: In case of illness or accident, it is essential that you obtain a detailed medical certificate or accident report at your holiday destination. The conditions are also valid for late arrival.

COMPLAINT: Defects of any kind must be reported immediately and without delay to the landlord‘s representative on site in order to make improvements. Subsequent defects not reported on site cannot be considered. Complaints must always be noted in writing on the handover protocol on site. Facilities and activities at the campsite may be limited or completely closed, especially during the low season. This is at the discretion of the campsite and the lessor is not liable for this.

FORGOTTEN ITEMS: The lessor is not liable for items forgotten by the tenant. However, if forgotten items are recovered, the lessor will send them to the tenant at the tenant‘s expense, if the tenant so wishes. The costs and risks/liabilities for damage and loss of the objects shall be borne by the hirer.

CRIMINAL LAW AND CUSTOMS LAW: The lessor is not liable for criminal and customs law violations by the lessee.

GAS: The lessor shall not be liable for improper handling by the lessee.

CANCELLATION: If a tenant cancels the rental contract for reasons covered by the in-house cancellation package and if an in-house cancellation package was concluded, a processing fee of € 37,- (only for STANDARD package) will be retained. The remaining balance, which has already been paid, will be transferred back. If no in-house cancellation package has been concluded, the following cancellation rates apply:

  • Cancellation up to 60 days before the start of the rental period: 20% of the rental
  • Cancellation up to 30 days before the start of the rental period: 50% of the rental
  • Cancellation from the 29th day before the start of the rental period: 90% of the rental
  • Cancellation from the 3rd day before the start of the rental period: 100% of the rental

Cancellations must be reported immediately and in writing to the lessor. Subsequent recourse claims cannot be asserted.

TERMS OF PAYMENT: Within 14 days the deposit of 20% of the total amount is to be paid, the balance is due at the latest 5 weeks before the start of the holiday. If we do not receive a deposit or final payment, we reserve the right to cancel the booking for a fee based on the cancellation conditions. For short-term bookings the total amount is to be paid immediately after the rental sent.

ENTRY REGULATIONS: The tenant has to take care for himself and his fellow travelers that the transit and entry regulations in the country of rental are observed and obtains timely information in his home country from the respective embassy or consulate of the country of rental.

SURROUNDINGS OF THE CAMPING PLACE: Please note that the distance to the center, shopping facilities, beach etc. is only indicative and can therefore vary depending on the location of the individual accommodation. The photos and floor plans of the accommodations are type photos and exemplary for the booked type. Deviations are therefore possible.

RIGHT OF RETURN: For contracts concluded outside the business premises, which are based on electronic, telephone or online bookings, there is no legal right of withdrawal for the tenant according to § 18 Abs. 1 Z 10 FAGG.

DATA PROTECTION: The customer agrees that his personal data (name, address, date of birth, telephone number, fax number, bank account details) will be stored by the lessor for the purpose of carrying out the booking, insofar as this is necessary. The customer has the right to request information about his stored personal data at any time. The request for information must be made in writing to the lessor. In the course of this he must also prove his identity in a suitable form. Furthermore, the customer has the right at any time to demand the correction or deletion of his personal data upon justified request. The client must submit the request for deletion by e-mail to office@gebetsroither.com or in writing, including the name and address and the reason for correction or deletion. Personal data will only be passed on to third parties by the lessor if this is necessary for the purpose of processing the contract, if they are legally obliged to pass on the data or if the client has explicitly consented to this. If the use of data is not provided for by law, each person concerned has the right to object to the use of his data by the client of the data application due to violation of predominant secrecy interests worthy of protection, which result from his special situation.

PLACE OF JURISDICTION: For the contract concluded between the booking party and the organizer, Austrian law applies exclusively. The court of jurisdiction for all legal disputes arising from this contractual relationship shall be the competent court of the Landesgericht Sprengels Leoben.

Terms of Participation FACEBOOK/ Instagram WINNER GAMES
Conditions of participation for competitions on the Facebook and Instagram page of Gebetsroither International GmbH

    1. organiser

1.1 Gebetsroither International GmbH (Gebetsroither) is the organiser of the competitions conducted on the Facebook and Instagram page of Gebetsroither. The following terms and conditions of participation shall apply exclusively to participation in a competition.
1.2 The competitions are not connected to Facebook/Instagram and are in no way supported, sponsored or organised by Facebook. Questions, comments or complaints about these competitions should be addressed exclusively to Gebetsroither.

    1. participation

2.1 Anyone aged 18 or over, excluding employees (and their dependants) of the Promoter, is eligible to enter. Legal action and cash redemption from the prize are excluded. We reserve the right to cancel or prematurely terminate the competition (even without giving reasons). Attempts at manipulation will lead to exclusion from the competition and to the cancellation of any prizes won!
2.2 Gebetsroither reserves the right to immediately delete comments with offensive, racist, sexist or otherwise discriminatory or illegal content.
2.3 Participation in the competition does not give rise to any entitlement to a prize; prizes offered will be drawn from among the participants.

    1. procedure of the competitions

3.1 Participation in a competition is free of charge and independent of the purchase of goods and services.
3.2 The start and end of a competition shall be announced on the Facebook/Instagram page of Gebetsroither.
3.3 Winners will be notified of their prize via Facebook/Instagram comments and private messages.

    1. notes on data protection

The names of the participants will be collected for participation in the competitions. In addition, address data may also be collected from the winners. This data shall be used and stored by Gebetsroither exclusively for the purpose of conducting the prize draws. The data will not be passed on to third parties. The storage of the data can be revoked at any time by sending an email to office@gebetsroither.at.

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