Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions are applicable for legal transactions (rental contracts) or travel placements, which are concluded between the tenant or customer and the Gebetsroither International GmbH or the Gebetsroither Istra D.O.O. or the Gebetsroither Italy S.R.L. or the Gebetsroither Hungary K.F.T. or the Gebetsroither Montenegro D.O.O. acting as landlord or travel agent.

Deviating unilateral terms of the tenant, in particular his own terms and conditions, have no legal effect.

1. According to the rental agreement, all rental accommodations include either a Caravan fitted with an awning and the corresponding equipment or a mobile home with the corresponding equipment. A rental accommodation may only be used by the persons named in the rental agreement.
A special agreement between the landlord and the tenant regarding the booking of a specific rental unit is possible according to the availability of the rental unit. The landlord reserves the right to allocate an alternative rental unit of the same size and for the same rental price and period, without giving reasons. In this case, the tenant is not entitled to any claims for compensation whatsoever against the landlord.

A binding reservation can be made either by e-mail, in written form, on the phone or online. Upon binding reservation of a rental unit by the tenant through the landlord, a valid quotation on the part of the tenant comes into effect. The tenant is obliged to fill out all requested information and data in the order sheet completely and truthfully. The contract becomes effective when the tenant receives a written booking confirmation (notice of acceptance) by e-mail or post from the landlord. 

2. Rental price: The rental price does not include city tax or possible registration fees or other charges (e.g. for dogs, parking fees, etc.) owed to the campsite because they may vary per campsite (except where stated otherwise in the catalogue).

3. Pets: Are only permitted at campsites, which are specially marked (see catalogue). A maximum of 2 pets may be brought along. The fees for pets, which are fixed by the campsite, must be paid separately and directly to the campsite. The final cleaning, which is stated in the catalogue, increases by the number of pets. Pets must be specifically mentioned in the rental agreement. Dogs are not permitted to lie in the beds. Please bring with you a blanket, food bowl etc. for your dog.

4. The minimum age for tenants is 18. Tenants have to be present on site throughout the entire duration of the rental period. Tenants shall be held liable for the accuracy of the information provided in the rental agreement. The sole presence of persons under the age of 18 is prohibited and can lead to their dismissal. Parents are liable for their children.

5. Rebookings: A rebooking applies as soon as a contract is amended by the tenant regarding the campsite, rental period, type of accommodation or seasonal periods. In this instance a fee of € 15 applies. Financial disadvantages which may result for the landlord because of the rebooking are subject to the cancellation conditions set out in point 18.

6. Handover of rental accommodation: The rental accommodation is available for occupation from 4pm local time. The tenant is obliged to treat the rental accommodation with care and in accordance with the regulations. When leaving the rental accommodation, precautions should be taken to protect it against a storm (close windows, doors and awning, secure entrance with stones). The awning fixtures (tent pegs and cords etc) should also be checked to ensure they could resist a storm.

7. Return of rental accommodation: The rental accommodation must be vacated by 10am local time. Fresh water containers and waste water buckets must be emptied; dishes must be washed and stored away; the dishwasher and fridge must be emptied and rubbish disposed of; chemical toilets should be emptied and clean; the rental accommodation should be locked and the table, chairs and parasols left as they were found upon arrival; the awning must be closed and the key handed back.

8. In case of early arrival or late departure: Should the specified times be exceeded an additional night will be charged. Furthermore the landlord shall be indemnified and held harmless by the tenant of any claims for compensation by the following tenant.

9. Campsite rules: Tenants are contractually bound to the current campsite rules. Violating these rules can lead to a dismissal from the site. In this case no claims can be lodged against the landlord. The landlord is not responsible for any issues, which affect the campsite and which cannot be influenced by the landlord. Furthermore, no legal claims can be made against the landlord regarding the location, size or condition of the pitch. The rental agreement includes mostly a parking space for one car (not suitable for camping vehicles). The parking space may not necessarily be next to the rental accommodation. In that case, the campsite will allocate the car parking space. Tents of any kind may not be erected on the pitch. The tenant acknowledges and agrees to follow the instructions of the staff of the campsite otherwise he risks dismissal.

10. Awnings: Parts of the tent may not be detached and storm protection must not be removed.

11. Insurance: The landlord takes out a partial coverage insurance for the rental accommodation. The tenant is liable for the excess (up to € 360) for any damages he caused. The landlord shall not be liable for personal items and cars as well as bikes etc owned by the tenant (e.g. in the case of theft or natural hazards).

12. Accident: In the event of an accident the landlord must be informed immediately. The names of any witnesses must be identified. The tenant is not entitled to anticipate the resolution of the landlord and of the insurance company by acknowledging the claim made by the injured party. The landlord is not liable for a return transport of the tenants.

13. Subletting of the rental accommodation to third parties is prohibited.

14. Cancellation by the landlord: If the rental accommodation is not available without it being the fault of the landlord, for whatever reasons (disaster, storm damage, damage caused by the previous tenant etc) the landlord is entitled to offer the tenant a suitable alternative rental accommodation of the same size and for the agreed rent and time or to withdraw from the agreed rental agreement. In this case the landlord would have to reimburse all advance payments and deposits. However, the tenant cannot claim compensation from the landlord. Should the landlord no longer be able to meet the terms of the rental agreement due to political or legal changes in the country of hire or due to a breach of contract by a relevant partner, the landlord cannot be held liable.

15. Premature termination: Please contact the local representative of the landlord immediately. Only valid when a ‚Gebetsroither’ travel cancellation insurance was taken out: In the event of an illness or accident, a detailed certificate or accident report must be obtained from the holiday resort. Conditions also apply in the event of a late arrival.

16. Complaints: Defects of any kind have to be reported immediately and without delay so that the situation can be improved. Defects that are reported afterwards and not on the spot cannot be considered. Complaints must always be indicated on-site in writing in the handover certificate. Some facilities and activities offered by the campsite may be available on a limited basis or not at all especially during the off-season. This is left to the discretion of the campsite and the landlord cannot be held liable for it.

17. Forgotten items: The landlord cannot be held liable for items, which were left behind by the tenant. In the event that forgotten items were recovered, the landlord will send them, if the tenant wishes, at the cost of the tenant. The tenant shall bear any costs, risks as well as liability for damages or loss of the items.

18. Criminal law, customs law: The landlord cannot be held liable for customs violations by the tenant.

19. Gas: The landlord cannot be held liable for inappropriate handling on the part of the tenant.

20. Cancellation: If a tenant cancels the rental agreement for reasons covered by Gebetsroither’s travel cancellation insurance and a travel cancellation insurance has been taken out, a handling fee of € 37 will be retained. The already paid remaining balance will be refunded. If no travel cancellation insurance has been taken out, the following terms come into effect:
Cancellation up to 60 days before the rental period: 20% of the rent
Cancellation up to 30 days before the rental period: 50% of the rent
Cancellation from the 29th day before the rental period: 90% of the rent
Cancellation from the 3rd day before the rental period: 100% of the rent

Cancellations must be reported immediately to the landlord in writing. Subsequent liability claims cannot be invoked.

21. Terms of payment: A deposit of 20% of the total sum must be paid within 14 days after booking; 
the outstanding balance is due at the latest 5 weeks before the start of the holiday. In case of short-term bookings, the total amount is due immediately after the rental agreement has been sent. The landlord will release the rental accommodation for use by the tenant only after payment of the invoice in full.

22. Entry requirements: The tenant must ensure that he and all accompanying members comply with the entry and transit requirements of the destination country and he must be sure to seek any relevant information upfront in his home country from the embassy or consulate of the destination country.

23. We point out that the sale of the rental accommodation through the following companies or via a third party is performed on the specified locations of the listed companies as indicated in the catalogue. The terms apply to contracts, which were concluded with the companies Gebetsroither International, Gebetsroither Istra D.O.O., Gebetsroither Italy S.R.L., Gebetsroither Hungary K.F.T. or Gebetsroither Montenegro D.O.O. For all contracts entered into with other landlords, the respective Terms and Conditions of this landlord apply.

24.   For contracts which have been concluded due to a reservation by e-mail, on the phone or online and outside the premises of the landlord, there is no right of withdrawal on the part of the tenant according to § 18 Abs 1 Z 10 FAGG.

25.   Data protection: The customer agrees that the landlord may store the customer’s personal data (name, address, date of birth, phone number, fax number, bank details) for the purpose of booking, if necessary.
At any time, the customer is entitled to ask for information regarding his stored, personal data. The request for information must be sent to the landlord in written form. At the same time, the customer must proof his identity in an adequate form.

Furthermore, the customer has the right to demand a correction or deletion of his personal data upon reasoned request. The customer must send his request for deletion by e-mail to office@gebetsroither.com or in written form by post and he must state his name, address and the reason for the correction or deletion.

The landlord will only pass on personal data to third parties, if it is necessary for the conclusion of the contract and if it is legally required to do so or, if it has been explicitly approved by the customer.

Unless the use of the data is legally required, every person concerned is entitled to file an opposition against the use of their data because of an infringement of confidentiality, which arises from their specific situation.

26.   Place of jurisdiction: The contract between the tenant (customer) and the landlord or travel agent is subject to Austrian law only. In the event of any disputes arising from this contractual relationship, the competent court of the regional court district of Leoben has territorial jurisdiction.

The district court of Liezen is responsible in the event of any disputes arising from this rental agreement. Austrian law applies.
The contract, order and business language is English.
For the settlement of disputes with our company also the OS platform can be used: