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Frequently asked questions

Our Gebetsroither holiday experts keep an eye on further developments and changes in the situation in all our holiday countries, on all our campsites and will actively inform you. If you have already booked a holiday with Gebetsroither and your holiday is not possible due to official measures in one of our holiday countries, we will contact you by telephone. 

  • I have booked a holiday at the campsite which is not open during my holiday period due to official regulations?
    Basically we contact you independently. However, you can contact us at any time by telephone on +43 (03612) 26300 or by e-mail at office@gebetsroither.com
  • I have booked a holiday at a campsite, in one of the countries and regions with current travel warnings or entry bans. Is travel currently not recommended?
    Yes, holidays in regions and countries with current travel warnings or entry bans are not possible. Should your campsite fall into a region or country for which a travel warning applies, we will actively contact you. If your campsite then falls into such a region, you can rebook it to another destination or receive a credit note. We have adapted our regular travel conditions for this purpose. Our staff in the booking and service team will be happy to advise you on this. 
  • Can I rebook my booked holiday with Gebetsroither?
    You can rebook your holiday at any time to an alternative date or destination within our holiday offer. Our staff in the booking and service team will be happy to advise you.
  • I no longer wish to go on holiday. Can I cancel my holiday free of charge because of the Coronavirus?
    If a travel warning is in effect for the region in which your holiday destination is located at the time of your holiday, we will offer you a credit note for amounts already paid or rebook your holiday to another date free of charge. Our staff in the booking and service team will be happy to advise you.
  • Does my Gebetsroither travel cancellation package cover the costs in case of a chargeable cancellation?
    No, a refund for a cancellation is not covered by the Gebetsroither travel cancellation package. We are happy to offer you a free rebooking to an alternative date or holiday destination within our offer or a credit note.  Our staff in the booking and service team will be happy to advise you.
  • Does my personal travel cancellation insurance cover the costs in case of a cancellation with costs?
    If you have any questions regarding a cancellation due to the coronavirus, please contact your insurance company. The terms and conditions of insurance may vary depending on the provider.
  • Where can I check the latest status of the travel advice issued for a particular destination?
    England: https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice
CampingRegionTravel alertLast updateOriginal openingPlanned opening
SlatinaCres&LosinjStufe 404.05.202004.04.202015.05.2020
Bijar/OsorCres&LosinjStufe 404.05.202025.04.202015.05.2020
BaldarinCres&LosinjStufe 404.05.202025.04.202015.05.2020
CikatCres&LosinjStufe 404.05.202004.04.202015.05.2020
LanternaIstrienStufe 427.04.202010.04.202018.05.2020
Zablace (Baska Beach Resort)KrkStufe 427.04.202011.04.202018.05.2020
Krk Premium ResortKrkStufe 427.04.202013.03.202018.05.2020
BunculukaKrkStufe 427.04.202024.04.202018.05.2020
PadovaRabStufe 427.04.202010.04.202018.05.2020
Sveta MarinaIstrienStufe 427.04.202003.04.202018.05.2020
San Marino - LoparRabStufe 427.04.202010.04.202018.05.2020
OrseraIstrienStufe 427.04.202010.04.202018.05.2020
Solaris FKKIstrienStufe 427.04.202010.04.202018.05.2020
BrioniIstrienStufe 427.04.202010.04.202018.05.2020
Park UmagIstrienStufe 420.04.202024.04.202015.05.2020
Bijela UvalaIstrienStufe 420.04.202018.04.202015.05.2020
UlikaIstrienStufe 420.04.202010.04.202015.05.2020
PolariIstrienStufe 415.04.202024.04.202015.05.2020
ValkanelaIstrienStufe 415.04.202024.04.202015.05.2020
KoversadaIstrienStufe 415.04.202024.04.202015.05.2020
ZatonDalmatienStufe 411.04.202025.04.202025.05.2020
PoljanaCres&LosinjStufe 405.04.202004.04.202015.05.2020
JezeraMurterStufe 418.03.202018.04.202015.05.2020
BreitenbrunnBurgenlandStufe 416.04.2020Pfingsten27.06.2020
KössenTirolStufe 428.04.2020ganzjährig29.05.2020
Schluga HermagorKärntenStufe 428.04.202004.04.202029.05.2020
Poglitsch - FaakerseeKärntenStufe 428.04.202011.04.202029.05.2020
BurgstallerKärntenStufe 428.04.202003.04.202029.05.2020
PodersdorfBurgenlandStufe 428.04.202022.03.202029.05.2020
Bella AustriaSteiermarkStufe 428.04.202023.04.202029.05.2020
Perla di MareFrankreichStufe 620.03.2020 01.05.2020
ALLE KNAUS CampingsDeutschlandStufe 416.04.2020 04.05.2020
Breznik - TurnerseeKärntenStufe 428.04.202005.04.202029.05.2020
BalticDeutschlandStufe 418.03.202003.04.202020.04.2020
Terme CatezSlowenienStufe 417.03.2020ganzjähriggeschlossen
SabotnikKärntenStufe 428.04.2020 29.05.2020
Belvedere GradoFriaul Julisch VenetienStufe 622.04.202001.05.202029.05.2020
Bella ItaliaVenezienStufe 616.04.202004.04.202028.05.2020
OrbetelloToskanaStufe 614.04.202010.04.202030.05.2020
StorkAbruzzenStufe 614.04.202015.05.202030.05.2020
MontescudaioToskanaStufe 607.04.202021.05.2020-
San FrancescoVenezienStufe 604.04.202024.04.202028.05.2020
Bella SardiniaSardinienStufe 623.04.202024.04.202029.05.2020
Baia VerdeToskanaStufe 618.03.2020 20.05.2020
Villagio dei FioriLigurienStufe 616.03.2020ganzjährig04.04.2020
Vela BluVenezienStufe 613.03.202004.04.202016.05.2020
ItalyVenezienStufe 612.03.202023.04.202020.05.2020
Marina di VeneziaVenezienStufe 612.03.202025.04.202016.05.2020
GirasoleToskanaStufe 612.03.202010.04.202021.05.2020
AlbatrosToskanaStufe 612.03.202023.04.202021.05.2020
FabulousLatiumStufe 612.03.202009.04.202021.05.2020
Union LidoVenezienStufe 611.03.202003.04.202020.05.2020
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